Tyler MacDonald’s client faced a single charge, but it was the most serious: first degree murder. The charge stemmed from allegations that the client was the perpetrator in an ambush-style shooting... Read More »
The client faced years of imprisonment for firearms and drug trafficking charges after police executed a search warrant on his apartment and found bags of drugs alleged to be cocaine and heroin... Read More »
The client was just another victim of gun violence on the streets of Toronto – shot in the leg on a crowded downtown street and left groaning on the pavement as a crowd of people dispersed. But the... Read More »
  Tyler MacDonald won a full acquittal for a client charged with first degree murder and attempted murder, after a trial by jury in the Superior Court of Justice in Toronto. The star Crown... Read More »
Tyler MacDonald had the client’s charges of impaired driving and driving with a BAC over .08 dismissed mid-trial at the Ontario Court of Justice in Toronto. After the testimony of all of the Crown’... Read More »
The prosecution was all set to proceed with major drug charges against the client on the first day of a multi-week jury trial, when everything came to a crashing halt. The client faced multiple... Read More »
A man accused of robbery, defended by Tyler MacDonald, was found not guilty by a jury of his peers. The man’s accusers were a couple who claimed that the man had violently ambushed one of them and... Read More »
A trip home from the grocery store led the client into a racially-charged armed confrontation, and to his arrest. Fortunately, the ordeal eventually ended with the client being acquitted of all... Read More »
The client faced the criminal charges of impaired driving and driving with a blood-alcohol concentration over 0.08 (“Over 80”). He retained Tyler MacDonald a little late in the proceedings, but... Read More »
The police claimed to have stopped the client for speeding and for having an obstructed licence plate. They said that he was then being “verbally aggressive” and “confrontational” when they... Read More »