The client was accused of choking his long-time friend into unconsciousness in the hallway outside her apartment, and that he did so right in front his friend’s daughter – the little girl he had... Read More »
At first blush, the Crown’s case might have seemed insurmountable: an unexplained vehicle collision, apparently poor driving directly observed by the police, a drug recognition officer finding the... Read More »
Tyler MacDonald’s client faced a single charge, but it was the most serious: first degree murder. The charge stemmed from allegations that the client was the perpetrator in an ambush-style shooting... Read More »
The client faced years of imprisonment for firearms and drug trafficking charges after police executed a search warrant on his apartment and found bags of drugs alleged to be cocaine and heroin... Read More »
The client was just another victim of gun violence on the streets of Toronto – shot in the leg on a crowded downtown street and left groaning on the pavement as a crowd of people dispersed. But the... Read More »
  Tyler MacDonald won a full acquittal for a client charged with first degree murder and attempted murder, after a trial by jury in the Superior Court of Justice in Toronto. The star Crown... Read More »
Tyler MacDonald had the client’s charges of impaired driving and driving with a BAC over .08 dismissed mid-trial at the Ontario Court of Justice in Toronto. After the testimony of all of the Crown’... Read More »
The prosecution was all set to proceed with major drug charges against the client on the first day of a multi-week jury trial, when everything came to a crashing halt. The client faced multiple... Read More »
A man accused of robbery, defended by Tyler MacDonald, was found not guilty by a jury of his peers. The man’s accusers were a couple who claimed that the man had violently ambushed one of them and... Read More »
A trip home from the grocery store led the client into a racially-charged armed confrontation, and to his arrest. Fortunately, the ordeal eventually ended with the client being acquitted of all... Read More »