For a person to be found guilty of a crime in this country, the jury must be sure that he committed the crime. Not pretty sure, but sure – period. This is another way of explaining the high burden... Read More »
Charges of trafficking heroin and participating in a criminal organization were dismissed against the client at the conclusion of the preliminary hearing in the context of a massive police... Read More »
It doesn’t matter what kind of vehicle you’re driving: if it has a motor on it, you can be charged with impaired driving or “over 80” if you’re operating it and the police have grounds to believe... Read More »
Robbery consists of a theft together with force or violence. The client was accused of doing this in order to steal an iPod from a stranger on the street. The client was arrested and charged after... Read More »
The client was accused of breaking into a neighbouring tenant's apartment while the tenant was not home, ransacking it of valuables and destroying property. The Crown's evidence included a witness... Read More »
Sometimes you have to hurt someone in order to defend yourself, and sometimes have to have to use a weapon to do it. The use of force with a weapon, even deadly force in some circumstances, is... Read More »
An assault with a weapon can be proven if a person simply holds a weapon in such a way that another that he threatens by act or gesture to use it against another person. A person uses a weapon in... Read More »
Fraud charges can take on many forms, including uttering false documents, attempted fraud, or even possession of property obtained by crime. The client was charged with all of the above. The Crown... Read More »
Police arrested the client this summer on charges of theft and fraud involving a credit card. He was eventually brought before a Justice of the Peace for a bail hearing. Since the client was... Read More »
In a case where the client was charged with refusing to provide a roadside breath sample, on an allegation by a police officer that the client only pretended to provide a sample, the charge was... Read More »