Tyler MacDonald defends against virtually any criminal charge. Information on some of these charges and how they are defended against is available on this page. When you need to win, every effort and every sacrifice is worth it. For Mr. MacDonald, this means any expenditure of time, any unconventional approach, and any unsettling trial tactic is worth employing for the sake of achieving victory. Mr. MacDonald believes that in criminal proceedings, where the prosecution has the resources of the police and the rest of the government at its disposal to use against a single accused person, a competent criminal lawyer's only path to victory is to out-hustle, out-think, and out-manoeuvre the other side. The criminal defence lawyer must not work as hard as the prosecution -- he must work harder. The range of charges and allegations that you may face is wide and varied, but this is the defence that you will get from Mr. MacDonald -- every time. You didn't choose the charges that were laid against you, but its up to you to decide what to do about them. Contacting Mr. MacDonald is the first step toward finding out how far you can go.