Client Acted in Self Defence During Hallway Melee

The client was accused of choking his long-time friend into unconsciousness in the hallway outside her apartment, and that he did so right in front his friend’s daughter – the little girl he had acted as a loving father for since she was born. The client supposedly decided to do this at the climax of an argument about phone privacy, allegedly choking out his accuser after she slapped him upside the head. According to the accuser, the client then just took off, paying no heed to the onlooking child. 

The defence case presented by Tyler MacDonald demonstrated that these allegations weren’t even close to the truth. The accuser was a person with a history of violently lashing out at friends and family members while drunk, and on this occasion the client was one of her victims. Her story about the client choking her into unconsciousness as the child he loved watched on made no sense, and there were no injuries to back up her story. Mr. MacDonald was able to show how much the story of the attack changed every time the accuser told it, and how much of it defied logic. The client testified in his own defence, articulating how he was trying to remove himself from the apartment when he sensed an imminent violent outburst, and how he had to throw the accuser off of him after being punched and tackled from behind in the hallway.

The truth won out in the end. The client was found not guilty of all charges, finally freeing him from the fear of up to two years in jail for a crime he didn’t commit.