Client Acquitted of All Charges: Mischief, Unlawfully in a dwelling house, Possession of property obtained by crime

The client was accused of breaking into a neighbouring tenant's apartment while the tenant was not home, ransacking it of valuables and destroying property. The Crown's evidence included a witness who said that the client confessed to her by bragging about the crimes and showing her the stolen property. It also included testimony of a another neighbouring tenant who claimed to have seen the client entering the apartment, with four other people, on the night that it was ransacked, and heard crashing and banging coming from the apartment minutes later. Finally, the victim of the ransacking claimed to have found one of the stolen items in the client's former residential unit when she searched it after the client had moved out. 

After cross examinations by Mr. MacDonald at trial, the "confession" witness was exposed as a self-interested liar, the evidence of the break-in witness could not be found reliable, and it was clear that there was no objective evidence supporting the victim's claim of finding the stolen property -- not even a report to the police as to what she had found. Furthermore, every witness had at least one good reason to lie.

The client did not need to testify. She was found not guilty of all charges.