Bail Hearings and Getting Arrested

If you are currently under arrest or have been arrested and are facing a bail hearing, call 416-459-3352 to be put in contact with Mr. MacDonald. If you cannot reach Mr. MacDonald, call 416-598-1811 and another member of his firm will take your call.

Sudden arrests and bail hearings require immediate action by a skilled lawyer to coordinate with the client, the family, and the potential sureties toward an expeditious release from custody. Contact Mr. MacDonald regarding an arrest or bail hearing as soon as possible.

If you have been arrested, you have the right to consult with the lawyer of your own choosing at the earliest reasonable opportunity. Tell the police the name of the lawyer you want to contact. If the police do not know the phone number, ask them to look it up! You have the right to speak to the lawyer of your choice before answering any questions pertaining to a criminal investigation.

If Mr. MacDonald cannot answer the phone immediately, leave a detailed message. He will return your call as soon as possible.

Bail Reviews

Sometimes a bail hearing can go wrong and an accused person is ordered detained until trial when they should have been released. Sometimes the situation for the accused person in custody changes and a better bail plan can be put forward, or weaknesses are exposed in the prosecution's case which weren't known before. In any of these situations, bringing a bail review in the Superior Court of Justice is another chance to get the accused person released from custody pending trial. Talk to Mr. MacDonald about how a bail review can get you or loved one out of jail.