Major Drug Prosecution Against Client Dropped on First Day of Trial

The prosecution was all set to proceed with major drug charges against the client on the first day of a multi-week jury trial, when everything came to a crashing halt. The client faced multiple charges of possessing large amounts of cocaine, fentanyl, and oxycontin for the purpose of trafficking. The charges were the result of a months-long police investigation involving surveillance, tracking devices, covert police entries into the client’s alleged residence, and the execution of multiple search warrants. Based on the amounts of illegal drugs seized by police, the client faced several years of imprisonment if he was convicted of these non-violent crimes.

On the morning of trial, Tyler MacDonald met with the prosecuting Crown lawyer. Over a matter of minutes he revealed to the Crown the evidence and arguments that would be used to demonstrate the client’s innocence to the jury. The final straw landed when, just after the meeting, the true culprit attended court, forced to do so by way of a subpoena which Mr. MacDonald’s firm had served. Moments before a jury was selected, the Crown halted its prosecution, directing that all charges be stayed. The client finally walked free.

It may seem like Mr. MacDonald solved the case with just a few magic words in a brief conversation with the Crown, but this result was the culmination of over a year of investigation conducted by Mr. MacDonald and his team. It involved following up on clues to the gaps in the police investigation, tracking down important witnesses and documents, and intensively researching and employing the most effective methods which were available within the confines of the law.

Truly, the most challenging cases are won by the work done before trial. This underscores the importance of getting the right legal representation on your side as early possible.